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Who We Are

WONH Industries co, ltd. was founded in 2005 (Formerly Wanghang Auto Parts mfg. established in 1996). Focusing on long-term and sustainable development concepts, the enterprise is positioned to be automotive aftermarket service development expert through new technology and globalization.

WONH Europe

We have a profound understanding of our operating principles and business ethics that they are the basis for a healthy and sustainable growth.
WONH promises to provide our customers with standard, high quality, environmentally friendly products and services. Further, we ensure the legitimate rights and interests of our employees when carry out our business operations.


Let’s grow together

Private Label

Strengthening the market position with private labels: If a customer is interested in working with his private label, WONH makes this possible. We offer the same high quality standard product with the customer’s brand.


To ensure that our customers are supplied reliably and in the fastest possible way, we have a large warehouse in Italy, where we store 3000 SKUs. Monthly adjustment of the stock ensures that we can always provide our customers with the parts they currently need. In this way, WONH has managed to supply customers in Europe with material from Europe. This significantly improves communication and response speed.

Advanced Quality Management System

In the eyes of our customers, quality supervision team of WONH is like a meticulous watchmaker. WONH has always followed the quality management approach of continuous improvement to exceed customers‘ expectations. We provide customers not only products, but also our commitment to safety, reliable quality and excellent service. We are committed to exceed customers‘ expectations and requirements.

Principles of all staff full participation in quality management
Implementing a comprehensive quality management
Continuously Improvement
Testing Experimental System

We advocate full participation in our quality management. Every employee is an inspector. Every manager is a quality control person. Our suppliers are involved in our quality control system.

We implement a comprehensive quality management, which advocate in solving the quality issues in early development stage. We minimize quality issues as much as possible during the product development stage. Enhanced by continued prevention and improvement throughout the production process, it helps to ensure the stability of our quality. Since 1997, we have continuously collected defective products from all aspects and the malfunctioned parts from all over the world. Through systematic analysis of the failed products, we have established a complete diagnostic system with potential failure mode. By developing DFMEA and PFMEA, we are able to minimize foreseeable quality risk during the development.

We reinforce the quality management. In raw material procurement, we carry out the strict inspection for the incoming products provided by suppliers; we conduct on-site audit regularly to the suppliers and help them making improvement, we minimize quality risk during the raw materials supply stage. In the production process, through training of our employee awareness on quality, we encourage our employees to find defective products and prevent the circulation of defective products in the production line. In the meantime, we make full use of error proof technology in the production line, with simple, visual ways to reduce the probability of error. During pre-delivery inspection stage, in addition to the routing product testing, refinement of product protection and standardized transportation method also help preventing quality issues during transportation.

We advocate the concept of continuous improvement that focuses on discovering problems, collecting issues and building a team to provide solutions. This continuous improvement concept has already had successful experiences.

A classic case: the jigs used for the heat treatment of constant velocity joints, is cut from cooper. The process is difficult with long production time and high raw material cost. In order to meet the needs of production, the annual consumption of copper is 1872 kg with production time of 336 hours. After nearly a year of improvement and validation, mold engineers replaced solid copper bar with copper pipe. By using the free folding and welding method, it saved production material of 1655 kg per year and production time of 264 hours while fully meeting the quality requirement.

We have an advanced experimental center equipped with complete testing methods. The test reports issued gain industry wide recognition. Our modern, well-equipped experimental center is equipped with professionals who can perform tests in the areas of physical, chemical, metallographic tests that cover the following areas:

Product development; Quality Assurance; Research on defects and damages to customers‘ personalized requests

Performance tests: torsional fatigue test, static torsion failure test, transmission parts life test, durability test, dynamic balance test, corrosion test, vibration test, pressure test, air tightness test, high and low temperature test, and wear test

Physical tests: tensile strength test, impact test, pressure test, tensile test, grease dropping point test, penetration test, rubber oil resistance test, rubber aging test, and rubber tensile strength test
Chemical tests: metal element analysis, metal flow lines test, and metal low magnification test
Metallographic tests: heat treatment metallographic structure analysis of various materials
In recent years, the experimental center completed a large number of research projects. The main projects completed include: the advantages and disadvantages of different materials applied in driving shaft, optimization experiment of the induction hardenging heat treatment depth design, rubber balance block application performance experiment, abrasion resistance test of grease, large angle wear experiment of different dust proof component, anti external piercing experiment of dust proof component, pull out force of transmission parts in a gear box and other experiments, cast iron ball in the transmission components application experiment, rubber material vibration reduction experiment.
Wonh’s experimental center has a series of cooperations and exchanges with Ningbo Auto Parts Testing Center, Tianjin Automobile Parts Testing Center, Shanghai Tongji University Automotive Design Institute etc. It laid the foundation for future improvement and development of our experimental center.

Development of WONH


Organized the R & D team for ball cage type constant velocity joint in Xin’an village, Wang Chun, Ningbo


The first batch of 3000 constant velocity joints are sold to the United States registered in the Chinese market and launched „WONH“ brand, became the second brand of domestic aftermarket quickly


Registered in the Chinese market and launched „WONH“ brand, became the second brand of domestic aftermarket quickly


Relocated in Meixu factory officially, located in dongyilu of Technology Park, plant area of 6,100 square meters


Planned the VI system, designed a more internationalized „WONH“ trademarks and graphics, introduction globalization


Start building the management team of systematized and standardized, consistent with the long-term strategic objectives


To achieve the goal of doubling sales over last year, new plant was built in Beilun


Officially moved to the Beilun new factory, located in Yanshanhe North Road of Beilun Auto Park, plant area 38,000 square meters.


The first global strategic alliance partner AIT began operating in the United States, to provide comprehensive sales and technical support, after sale service, new product development, logistics services .etc for customers.


In order to serve the domestic vehicle manufacturers better than before, setting up the independent OEM system; the same year, pass TS16949: 2002 International Automotive system certification


Overcoming the financial crisis and realizing strategic transformation


Revised and promulgated a new „corporate standards,“ established R & D testing center according to national standards


Passed C – TPAT international anti-terrorism certification . Studies and draws up the enterprise medium and long-term developmental strategy, the domestic OEM matching achieved a major breakthrough


The product multiplication strategy starts to be implemented; besides, passed the ISO14001: 2004 international environmental management system certification


North America drive shaft after-sale market realize significant breakthrough, make the leading position


Formed an independent research and development and manufacturing systems for window regulators and launched series of products


Second global strategic alliance partner WONH EUROPE began operating to serve the entire European market in the shortest possible way by a large warehouse in Italy.